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The Use Of Social Media For Hotels

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With the e-commerce and social media platforms expansion, hospitality industry got boosted not only because of the endless possibilities with finding and booking accommodation, online research, online recommendations, customer service, etc. but it also gave hotels an edge with the social media marketing. Not so long ago, a decade behind, travelers would go into a travel agency where the agent was the only influencer regarding the decision making about the best hotels in Abu Dhabi or room choice, but nowadays, guests are independent and informed quite well when choosing a hotel. Social media marketing for hotels is excellent since it provides us with a lot of useful and instant information, and there are lots of things we’ll cover.

Hotels Within Social Media

Social media are today’s best tools to engage the public directly, spread the word about your hotel, and last but not least – get more customers. This is the way for consumers to find recommendations about accommodation, browse the fun pages so they can choose which is very important for them, meaning that your hotel should have its own social media page(s) that are always up-to-date. Facebook ads are only one of the examples of how to boost your hotel’s sales by reminding potential customers about their upcoming reservations, etc.

User-Generated Content

The content generated by users is probably an essential aspect of hotels in social media marketing. The most effective marketing tools of today are the direct social proof and customer stories found on social media platforms. Telling people all around the globe about your personal experience in a specific hotel is many times greater reward than reading about it in a catalog or peer-to-peer recommendations.

Action Behind The Closed Doors

Showing the “backstage” of your hotel is undoubtedly a prevalent trend these days since it brings a hotel-customer relationship to a much higher and closer level and this can be done by posting pictures of hotel’s staff during their shifts. The presented method will for sure make customers feel much closer to the staff as well as to the hotel.

There are many ways to use social media marketing in the hospitality industry, but there’s not a single fire-proof method, that will promise results 100% because of the perpetual change of social media trends.

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