The Use Of Social Media For Corporate Law Offices

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Law offices mostly ignored social media since none of them ever took the importance and the impact that social media can have. During 2012, law offices finally obliged to trends and discovered all the benefits their law practices could gain if they used social media to promote themselves. The Law Society issued a “Social Media Guidance for Lawyers” in early 2012, and not even half a year later, Legal Futures stated that Twitter had become the primary referral source for attorneys with over 660% increase in clients asking for recommendations on social media platforms. We’ll explain why social media is so important for marketing your law office.


People Are Always Talking – Use that to your advantage

Knowing the public opinion about your law firm and your attorneys is a crucial step. By searching your brand name through Google, Facebook, and other search engines and social media platforms, you’ll be able to see what people are talking about your law office. Is your office mentioned anywhere online at all? If not, why is that? Maybe your law office is not impressive enough, or perhaps nobody online even knows your law office exists. Take all the information you can get and change it so it would go in the direction you want it to go.


Always Have Goals

To know if your efforts didn’t go in vain, you should always put some goals in front of you, and step-by-step complete them all. That way you’ll be able to follow up if and how much impact did the social media have on your law office in terms of new clients and queries.


Decide Which Platform(s) To Use

It’s important to choose at least one social media platform to start with. In case you decide to start pages on all platforms at once, you’ll be overwhelmed, and you possibly won’t achieve the desired results for your law office. Start small and build up gradually. Try to discover which platform will suit your needs best and focus on that one for the time being. Later on, when you get the hang of how it all works and how it should be done, you’ll quickly open up more pages on different platforms to leave your digital footprint in the social media world.


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