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How to Choose a 3D Printing Company

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Before you can choose a 3D printing company, you must first understand the basic concept of 3D printing. 3D printing is a process in manufacturing that allows physical objects to be produced from computer sketches known is CAD files. Different materials can be used to make the finished product. The quality of the product will also vary depending on the material used and the prowess of the operation and the capabilities if the 3D printer. You can also discern from the above that 3D printing involves a component of the design.

Now that we have this knowledge, how best can we use it to choose the best 3D printing service? The simplistic approach would be to use each of the elements listed above as a criterion or qualification.

  1.  Materials Used

A good 3D printing company should have a wide range of materials to use in printing. Since each material has different properties, the end product might differ in quality and purpose. When searching for a 3D printing service, you should interrogate the materials available against its desired use. Some materials may be suited for mechanical uses while others for decorative purposes. The guiding factor here, therefore, should be what you intend to use the end product.

  1.  Design Assistance

3D models are reproduced from a topographical digital sketch saved in the form of a CAD file. The designs are precision drawn and require a high level of skill. A 3D printing service should be able to help you with the design work unless you already have your own designs.

  1.  Shipping

More often than not, 3D models are bulky or heavy. Some kind of specialist transport may be required to move them in some cases. One of the requirements that you should impose on prospective service providers is shipping or delivery once the work is done. From a legal standpoint, liability for loss will still be on the service provider until such a time that the product is in your hands.

  1.    Customer Support

Customer support includes after sales services such as installation. During and after the product is printed, you might require assistance in one or two areas. This is why it is important to choose a company with a comprehensive help desk.

Apart from the above, other universal elements to consider are the costs of the service, the time taken to complete the task and flexibility. With these tips, you are now ready to select a 3D printing service of your choice.

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