Food Photography Tips for Your Restaurant From Expert Food Photographers in Dubai

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Food Photography Tips for Your Restaurant

Ready to tempt your customers with lip-smacking photographs of your chef specials? The expert food photographers at The Photography Co have come forward to share some of their tips on food photography.

Food Photography Tips for Your Restaurant

These food photography tips will help you create Instagram-able photos for your restaurant:

Shoot Next to a Window

That’s the rule with any kind of photography. We like brightly lit photos, and the way to achieve that is to use natural light. Bring the food near a window. This means you have to schedule your food photography shoots in the early morning. Another good time is the evening, when the sun’s light has mellowed down and you get a softer light tone.

Invest in a Good Camera and Lens

A good camera can really make a difference. It is able to capture details in your food that your iPhone camera won’t be able to do. The quality, crisp photos that you might be admiring in the food photographers in Dubai are a result of a good camera and lens. When it comes to lenses, look for macro lenses as they are able to capture small details quite vividly.

Develop a Cohesive Theme

One mistake many newbie food photographers in Dubai make is thinking of each picture differently. Though each picture will probably have different dishes, the trick is to marry the different pictures using a common element. This could be something as simple as similar light and angles. You can also take it up a notch and use the same china and other accessories.

Rethink Your Composition

How you place your products has a major impact on your food photography. Try out different placements of your dishes before finalising one. Test them out by taking pictures. Shoot from different angles and heights. The top view is one very popular angle when it comes to food photography.

Another one of our secrets is placing three dishes in one layout. This typically includes a main dish, a side dish, and a beverage. It gives a complete look and invites the customers to try out the entire combo.

When it comes to food photography for a restaurant, a good idea is to hire a professional food photographer in Dubai. It might seem expensive initially, but remember you will be using these pictures across multiple marketing channels. Book a session with our top food photographers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to discuss our creative take on your restaurant’s food photography.

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